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About us

“Nunca te detengas en el éxito ni en el fracaso. Pasa la página y sigue adelante”Alfonso Baella Tuesta

Baella Consulting started on March 1, 2001 in the cusp of the fall of the Dot-Com companies while the future of the digital world seemed bleak and risky. In this time of uncertainty, we saw a huge opportunity. Thus, we built an innovative, flexible and modern organization based on our strong principles and ethical values.

Thirteen years later, we have strengthened our company by asserting our relationships with our clients as paramount.

Our value is reflected in our team of experts and technicians, many of whom are young professionals with a heightened sense of responsibility, commitment and customer service. We also count with experienced experts who allow us to offer effective and efficient innovative ideas.

Currently, we assist hundreds of brands with their digital strategies. They all trust in our work because we add value to what we do and are committed to achieving their objectives.

Alfonso Baella Herrera
Presidente y fundador